A Steel Angel (Koutetsu Tenshi) is the twenty-fifth episode of the animated series Galaxy Express 999. It premiered on 8 March 1979 on Fuji TV, following a break the previous week.


The 999 arrives on the planet Masspron, where Tetsuro meets Chromeria, a freedom fighter on a industrialized world that is trying to get the people of her planet to change her ways. Chromeria is captured and set to be executed, but is saved by Tetsuro and Maetel. Chromeria and her allies sneak aboard the 999 to escape to another planet, but have no passes, and the Conductor is required to remove them. Maetel manages to get passes for all of them seconds before the Conductor kicks them off the train, allowing them to stay on board.

"Things made by humans spread out endless thoroughout the universe. And within the dazzling stars, to the bearers, they offer encouragement as well as delight and sorrow, but these things will eventually break down. But Tetsuro truly loves those who make things for others."


Time Track
0:01 Galaxy Express 999 (TV size)
1:22 1-M-5
1:55 7-C
3:17 1-M-17
4:50 6-C
6:21 1-M-6
7:12 1-M-11
8:15 2-B
10:40 1-M-10
10:54 3-B
11:42 1-M-25
11:50 2-C
13:22 5-C
16:20 4-A
17:04 1-M-15'
17:33 1-B
19:00 1-M-19
20:25 5-A
21:37 2-D
23:03 1-M-2
23:28 "Blue Earth" (TV size)


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Cast Staff



  • Takaharu Bessho (Fuji TV), Kenji Yokoyama, Hiroshi Kominato - Planning
  • Leiji Matsumoto - Original Story
  • Weekly Shōnen King - Serialization
  • Nozomi Aoki - Music
  • Katsuaki Nakatani - Conducting
  • Columbia Symphonic Orchestra - Performance
  • Jun Hashimoto - Theme Song Lyrics
  • Masaaki Hirao - Theme Song Composition
  • Nozomi Aoki - Theme Song Arrangement
  • Isao Sazaki & Suginami Junior Chorus - Theme Song Performance
  • Nobutaka Nishizawa - Chief Director
  • Fuji TV, Toei - Production




Stop Time: two days, three minutes

A planet covered with factories, Masspron manufactures limitless amounts of things. Those who work on the planet have been going for hundreds of years without a break. The surface of the planet is covered in oil, as are the natives. Those who speak out about the work ethic of the planet’s natives are promptly arrested.


The following characters appear and are exclusive to this episode/stop:



Voiced by: Chiyoko Kawashima

A resident of Masspron, Chromeria is an outspoken critic of the planet. She believes that the people working there must change their ways, or it will lead to their demise. She’s arrested and set for execution, but is saved by Tetsuro and Maetel. She and her crew sneak on board the 999, and Maetel gives them all passes that allow them to stay on board.


  • In the anime, before the hotel explodes, Chromeria throws a rock through the window, angry at Tetsuro for wanting to "sing the praises" of the planet. This does not occur in the manga, as she doesn't show up until the building explodes.
  • In the anime, Chromeria talks to Maetel briefly after the explosion in the rubble, and then _ is arrested. In the manga, they do not interact at that point, and Maetel and Tetsuro don't fully regain consciousness until they get back on the 999.
  • In the manga, Tetsuro and Maetel re-awake on the 999, where they are told that Chromeria is set to be executed. In the anime, they do not reboard the 999 until the end of the story.
  • In the anime, there is a scene where Chromeria is freed, and is able to get on the 999. This does not occur in the manga, as she just shows up on the 999 without explanation.


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