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The Four-Dimensional Elevator (Shi-jigen Erebētā) is the ninety-nineth episode of the animated series Galaxy Express 999. It premiered on 11 December 1980 on Fuji TV.


The 999 arrives at a bottomless city where the surface of the Earth is invisible, with the buildings standing tightly. After being invited to eat by a young man named Kizaluna, Tetsuro takes a strange elevator and arrives at a mysterious city. He imagines Maetel marrying Kizaruna begins to collapse under the church but is saved by the real Maetel. Kizaluna uses a four-dimensional space to poison many women. Maetel shoots him, and the two depart.


Time Track
0:01 Galaxy Express 999 (TV size)
1:23 1-M-5
2:52 M-4
5:31 M-3/1/8
7:18 3-D
9:04 M-69A
10:24 1-M-18
11:25 4-B
12:08 M-62B
12:12 1-M-25
13:57 3-D
15:34 M-3/1/8
17:06 1-M-23
18:28 8-E
20:34 8-F
21:40 2-D
23:03 1-M-2
23:28 "Blue Earth" (TV size)


By type 
Cast Staff


  • Masako Nozawa as Tetsuro Hoshino
  • Masako Ikeda as Maetel
  • Kaneta Kimotsuki as Conductor
  • Hitoshi Takagi as Narrator
  • Makio Inoue as Kizaluna
  • Hideyuki Tanaka as Boy
  • Yasuo Tanaka as Pastor


  • Takaharu Bessho (Fuji TV), Kenji Yokoyama, Hiroshi Kominato - Planning
  • Leiji Matsumoto - Original Story
  • Weekly Shōnen King - Serialization
  • Nozomi Aoki - Music
  • Katsuaki Nakatani - Conducting
  • Columbia Symphonic Orchestra - Performance
  • Jun Hashimoto - Theme Song Lyrics
  • Masaaki Hirao - Theme Song Composition
  • Nozomi Aoki - Theme Song Arrangement
  • Isao Sazaki & Suginami Junior Chorus - Theme Song Performance
  • Nobutaka Nishizawa - Chief Director
  • Fuji TV, Toei - Production


Bottomless City

Stop Time: 16 hours, 66 minutes, 66 seconds

The elevators on this planet are special in that when you get on them, you never know where you will end up going. Because of this, they are rarely used. Hotel staff warn Tetsuro not to use them. As Kizaluna describes, when one goes into the four-dimensional space, one's subconscious emerges.


The following characters appear and are exclusive to this episode/stop:


Voiced by: Makio Inoue A resident of the Bottomless City, Kizaluna's plan is to bring Tetsuro and Maetel down on the 4-D elevator forever so Maetel can eventually marry him. He is a mechanical being who has done this before, as he shows Tetsuro the graves of various women he's killed after he's gotten what he's wanted. He pulls a gun on Tetsuro, but Maetel hits the gun out of his hands with her whip and shoots him dead.